Sustainable Livelihood

Rhema Care works in partnership with the poor and vulnerable to improve on their quality of life and contribute to global efforts of increased access to highest attainable quality of health, education, food security and safe environment by strategically mobilising, strengthening and partnering with indigenous NGOs, CBOs and Faith-based institutions to develop participatory, appropriate, effective and sustainable responses to the colossal challenges, critical needs and gross inequalities created by poverty, illiteracy, injustice, conflicts, diseases, discrimination, disasters and lack of opportunities plaguing the developing world in general and the African continent in particular.

Rhema Care is motivated by the love of God to serve humanity in great commitment to the great commission through a wholistic mission that combines social action with integral ministry and empowerment for the development of the total person. Over the past ten years, Rhema Care has worked in Nigeria to provide social and livelihood interventions in Health, Education, Relief, Community Development, Social Welfare and Economic Empowerment among highly vulnerable populations and deprived communities.

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