Post flood and Conflict intervention in Cross River State

Rhema Care Integrated Development Centre in partnership with Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) implemented the Intervention to alleviate the plight of flood victims and internally displaced persons in Cross River State. The goal of the project was to promote durable solutions in displaced conflict communities in Cross River State through the reduction of vulnerabilities of target communities to conflicts thereby reducing the incidence of conflict induced displacement within the state. The project targeted 3 communities in 3 LGAs viz. Newetim in Akampka, Usug Esuk- Odot in Odukpani LGA, and Okuni community in Ikom LGA. As a step towards achieving the objectives of the project, Rhema Care implemented a number of activities including engagement with stakeholder, advocacy visits to project community leaders & mobilization of these communities, participatory vulnerability analysis (PVA) and distribution of core relief materials comprising of food and non-food items.

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